Your Commission is based on the total amount of member's win loss

Referring to the following table:

Total Member Net Winloss (AUD) Total Active Player Commission Rate
1 & Above < 5 10%
1 - 15,000 >= 5 20%
15,000 & Above >= 5 30%
By Invitation - 40%
  • With the number of Total Active Players (actively playing on our platform), affiliates will be entitled to start earning commission.
  • Monthly commission rate (%) is determined based on the number of Total Member Nett Winloss and Total Active Player; whichever requirement to be fulfilled first. Affiliates will remain at the lower tier of the commission rate for the following month until successfully fulfilling both requirements needed to move on to the following tier.
  • Negative revenue for any given month will be carried forward to the following month.
  • All affiliates are subjected to promotion bonus / rebate cost incurred during member acquisition. The cost will be deducted from the revenue by the end of the month.
  • These costs may include the following: Promotion Bonuses, Transaction Fees & Royalty Fees



Positive Revenue

Total gross revenue = AUD 21,000

Member’s bonus = AUD 598

Transaction Fees = AUD 273

Royalty Fees = AUD 2,100

Commission = (Gross revenue - Members bonus - Transaction Fees - Royalty Fees) x Commission rate %

(AUD 21,000 - AUD 598 - AUD 273 - AUD 2,100) x 40% = AUD 7,211.60 (Commission)

Negative Revenue

Total gross revenue = USD -21,000

Member’s bonus = USD 598

Transaction Fees = USD 273

Commission = (Gross revenue - Members bonus - Transaction Fees) x Commission rate %

(AUD - 21,000 - AUD 598 - AUD 273) x 40% = AUD – 8,748.4 (Carry forward to next month)

  • Bonuses referring to rebates and bonus claimed by affiliate members, including welcome bonuses, reload bonuses, rebates and other bonuses claimed by members.
  • Transaction fees are fees that come from deposit transactions and withdrawal of members which amount to 1% of the total member transactions.
  • The royalty fee is a platform fee which is 10% of the company's gross income.


At Xox365 Affiliates, we recognise that our affiliate partners are our biggest asset. We pride ourselves on our friendly and professional team, who are ready to assist you at every step along your journey with us.

Referring to the following table:

  • You may expand your career by establishing a Multiple Business in another market. XOX365 encourages agents to develop into second-line agents, namely agent recruitment agents.
  • Affiliates who have successfully referred friends to join the XOX365 Affiliates Program will be eligible to receive an extra 10% commission based on the referral commission.
Example Sub-affiliates Commission Calculation:

Affiliate A refer sub-affiliate B1 and B2

Affiliate A Commission + (Sub-affiliates B1+B2 total commission) X 10%

Affiliate A Commission AUD 8,000 + ( AUD 5,000 + AUD 5,000) X 10% = AUD 9,000

Total Earnings for Affiliate A= AUD 9,000

Advantages of XOX365 Affiliate Program

  • Our platform provides you a life-time passive income career.
  • The biggest and most trusted gaming platform in Australia.
  • Risk Free, No Cost. Affiliates do not require to pay any upfront payment, all the promote cost will be deducted later from the commission.
  • Provide skills development and analysis on affiliate monthly performances.
  • Report transparency, affiliate able to check wages of players, marketing cost and etc.
  • All affiliates will have a designated account manager to handle your account.


  • XOX365 Affiliate is ready to assist you at every step along your journey with us.
  • Commission will be computed once in a month and will be released before the 7th of the month.
  • Commission amount will be paid to the affiliate wallet, based on the currency selected during registration.
  • After a commission withdrawal request is submitted, the commission will be issued to the bank account within 1 day. The bank account name must be the same as the registration name.
  • XOX365 retains the right to change the commission program percentage and method of calculation anytime.